I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1969 from emigrated Italian parents. Ever since a kid I've always had a love for the “sound” of music. I was always in front of the radio listening to all stations for hours and hours and by the end of the week I would make my own chart of preference like as if it was the official top 40!


It was great fun.


Thanks to the high quality radio stations in Australia back in those days (70's-80's) and to my brother, ten years older than me, I was able to appreciate and understand various musical genres. I still remember the first record I bought when I was 11 years old, it was Ultravox Vienna… out of curiosity.

In later years I had the opportunity to work on the same multitrack on which Vienna was recorded: an old MCI now property of Mauro Pagani. It was great fun!


In 1984 my family and I (by now 15 years old), moved to Italy. Here I continued studies in foreign languages always keeping an ear out for whatever was music and art in general. I was playing with various local bands as a singer but that wasn't enough, and by the end of the 80's I was eager to fulfill my ambition and become an audio engineer. I bought an eight track quarter inch Fostex tape recorder with a 12 channel mixer of the same brand and went around recording and producing all local bands!

Early 90's after finishing my college studies i moved to London. Here I attended an Audio Engineering course at the S.A.E. (School of Audio Engineering London). Straight after moved to Milano where i taught and helped out the students in the local S.A.E. School.


During this period I met Mauro Pagani and Paolo Iafelice and hooked up with them as an assistant for their new recording studio, Next Studios  which then became the great Officine Meccaniche, one of Italy's best studios. I soon became, along with colleague Paolo, the resident audio engineer for the studio from 1998 to 2001.

Here I worked with many of the biggest italian and international artists the likes of Adriano Celentano, Roberto Vecchioni, Vinicio Capossela, Articolo 31, Manu Chao and John McLaughlin.

At the end of 2001 I left Officine Meccaniche and began my carreer as a freelance sound engineer. Furthermore, between one job and another, with my dear friend Enrico Decolle, we joined forces to begin a musical duo called Breakfast, with three lp's to this date.

Continuing recording and mixing all through the 00's... my aim kept on being able to deliver a round heavy sound to rock music and deep sparkling sound to pop.

In these years I enjoyed working with many of the best alternative italian rock bands such as Afterhours, Verdena and Almamegretta.

Sound has always been very important to me, so to further fulfill my passion, I started tweaking as a mastering engineer as well.


Mastering is the other passion I kept on pursuing alongside production recording and mixing. The possibilities are endless, a great master will always make the difference from a great sounding track and a memorable classic.


Ready to freak out?